Friday Sex Links!

eat girls outPhotographing Mexico’s gender defying Muxes community. April Ashley: Britain’s first trans icon.

Why it’s a big deal Michelle Rodriguez came out as bi. Why does bisexual visibility matter?

How does body image affect sexual behavior?  What are social media and internet porn doing to teenage girls? Shocker: Grand Theft Auto V makes fun of trans people and sex workers.

What’s a spontaneous orgasm?

Is it true Tunisian women are waging a sexual jihad?  Pakistani woman stoned to death for the crime of owning a cell phone.

Parody American Apparel ads show disability is sexy.

Polyamory is the new hotness.

Punk band shoots porn music video on the lawn of the Westboro Baptist church.

Chvrches  lead singer launches back at misogynist fans. Ways America tells boys not to be girly.

What can gay men teach straight people about dating? Grindr gets a facelift.

nice guys tm

101 vulvas on display. The eroticism of traditional Japanese art.

Revenge porn outlawed in California.

The PA lawsuit that has a good chance of toppling state laws against marriage equality. What if sexual orientation conversion therapy actually worked? Are gay people smarter than straight people– or do they just work harder?

What’s the difference between a Szechuan pepper and  vibrator? DIY BDSM: a comic.

Couple doing it on the train tracks: woman is killed, man loses legs.

Do all guys cheat? Is the best way to end a casual relationship to just stop texting back?

Watch the trailer for the new crashpad porn: Max Power and Robin Lalonde

Why do you poop more when you’re on your period? Puberty is coming earlier, but that doesn’t mean sex ed is.

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Hat tips to Cassie, Awakened, Peter, Madonna, Andy, Lydia

gender vader

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