Genesis Deflowered: This Bible Belongs in the Adult Section

There is a ton of sex in the Bible, some incredibly kinky. But up until now, the graphic details were largely left to the imaginations of the readers.matthew stillman

Enter Matthew Stillman, a writer who loves erotica as much as he loves Elizabethan-era English.

Stillman decided to take the King James Version of the book of Genesis and … (ahem) flesh out all the naughty bits in his new book, Genesis Deflowered. It’s not fan fiction making up trysts between characters, it’s all based on sex acts that are mentioned in the book… over 500 of them.

We chatted about the project, including the big question: why ? It’s an interesting conversation for anyone interested in sex and religion, language, literature or the kind of twisted, freaky, nasty sex that you can only find in the Bible.

Listen to the episode here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and catch all the episodes even sooner.

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