Thursday Wrap Up

stateofmindDisney has a hard time animating female characters. New Moore College program will lead to more female video game designers.

Poll: More than half of couples don’t have sex on wedding night

Most obnoxiously elitist dating sites. The most WTF sex toys.

Do breast implants improve women’s sex lives?

Go home, bar promoting domestic violence, you’re drunk.

Photographer’s series of images of his mother… having sex with young guys.

The myth that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS claims a high profile victim.

How to immunize yourself from rejection before a date.

19 year old lesbian jailed for dating 14 year old girl.

Forced sexual contact common among teens. America’s war on girls’ bodies.

Cockblocked by redistribution: pickup artistry doesn’t work equally well in every country.

Ca$hkitty: Illustrating the income from sex work… with cats. Interview with Dita Von Teese.

H/t to Jesse, Erica, Dan, Jessy, Intemperance, Chelsea, Melanie
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