Weekend Sex Links Round Up!

give me head5 great college campaigns promoting consent

Is porn becoming more hardcore?

In California, children can legally have more than 2 parents.

Sexualized video game avatars may hurt women in real life.

Drag queens vs Disney princeses: who’s the better role model?

Hip hop, trans people and a glimpse at a hopeful future.

What does sexual satisfaction mean to women?

Man loses penis after Viagra overdose.

You can now major in LGBTQ studies. Maybe society isn’t all that cool with sexual orientation diversity.

Targeting “slutty” students.

“Why I’m happy to be a sex worker.”

How to be a good ally to a fat friend who looks like they’ve lost weight.

Chris Brown and a nation of raped boys.

H/t to Lascivious, S-man, Erica and Peter!

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