Tuesday Sex Wrap Up

lady of the eveningWhat’s a demisexual?  How about being “Mostly straight, most of the time.”

Sexually transmitted MRSA?

What America gets wrong about sex. 9 smartest marriage tips ever. Will having lots of partners wreck your chance at relationship success?

Were most cave painters women?

Silicone pussy foot. Yep. You read that right.

Does monogamy value comfort over happiness?

The unfortunately familiar pattern of small town rape cases.

Turkey’s headscarf ban lifted, TV personality punished for too much cleavage.

Would a female libido pill divide our nation?

A straight woman and a gay man talk body language. Couples swap clothes in fun, gender-bendy photo project.

Why the “friend zone” needs to die. Can we retire the phrase “real women,” please?

H/t to Thain, Aflie, Andrew, Cassie, Jim, Inna, Justine, Joe!

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