Thursday Wrap Up

Can I Touch It: Portraits of middle aged white corporate women with Black hairstyles. Super sexist old postcards. Philadelphia transplant takes pictures of the men who catcall her.

Owner of a Thai sex club busted after Rihanna tweets about live show involving animals. Inside the Yakuza-run Japanese sex industry. Artist gives local fuck mattress a loving makeover.

More from Maryville, MO’s messed up rape case, as the survivor’s family gets chased out of town. How does Law & Order SVU compare to reality?

Why would Jewish law lead to a woman having her husband kidnapped and tortured? Black women and domestic violence awareness.

Australian football team all-male sexual initiation ring.sexuality

Gay divorce might be harder than marriage.

Facts about male porn stars.

How to ruin polyamory for everybody in 6 easy steps.

Does bacon ruin sperm?

Can Portland do for bisexuals what San Fran did for gays?

Menstrual Man’ and his crazy plan to help Indian women on their periods.

Debate over: Gloria Steinem weighs in on Miley Cyrus. “Hot Mom” defends herself against facebook lashback to her fitspo images.

How to design a city for women. Groovy chicks in Afghanistan before the 70s. Computer programming was “women’s work” before the 70s. American Girls dolls for all types of girls.

H/t to Bianca, Melissa, Chelsea, Molly, Sonalee, Thain, April!

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