Weekend Sex Link Roundup

“I will sleep with your boyfriend and this is how it will happen.” “I’m a pedophile and I hate myself for it.”

Preview Uncovered, a photo book of topless women in NYC.

from Uncovered by Jordan Matter

from Uncovered by Jordan Matter

Are today’s teens more susceptible to herpes?

Love positions that won’t break your artificial hip.

Smokers and lovers of lady bits unite: Vulva pipes.

I’m quoted in this Women’s Health article about spicing up your masturbation. Reign’s controversial female masturbation scene.

If men posed like motorcycle babes. What do dress codes say about girls’ bodies?

*This* is sex slavery.

El Salvador: where the penalty for a miscarriage is jail. Most people don’t understand miscarriage and its causes.

After Steubenvilleesque outcry and Anonymous action, Maryville rape case is going to be reopened.

A proposed new trans* symbol.

Why we need a safe space for asexuals. What it’s like to come out as bisexual.

One sex therapist’s review of Masters of Sex. Secretly gay movies: A League of Her Own. “The comics industry needs to stop with lazy storytelling.” Study finds TV shows with diverse cast/writing have better ratings.

H/t to Ryan, Kris, Thain!

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