Tuesday Wrap Up

Can you think yourself to orgasm?

Female model passing as man for longer career. Anti-LGBT group admits it made up stories of trans student harassing girls in the bathroom.

Beautiful post-mastectomy tattoos cover scarsfisting day

Why is HBO afraid of penises? Embarrassing gay movie villains.

Happy Fisting Day! Here are fisting how-to tips!

“Hey Girl” extension turns any website into a Ryan Gosling fanpage.

Delaware attorney champions your right to take naked selfies.

Could an abortion in your past cost you custody of your kids?

What’s my excuse, Fitmom? Glad you asked.”

Sign this petition to get Coca Cola to stop sponsoring Sochi Olympics and protest brutal anti-LGBT laws.

Check out this lesbian feminist haunted house in Toronto. Cook Nigella Lawson comes out… as a feminist.

Men’s sexual attractions change with the seasons.

The secret dungeon found under a studio apartment.

LA officials try “Dear John” letters to curb prostitution.

What does commitment to a relationship really mean?

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

H/t to Chelsea, Heather!

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