Thursday Wrap Up

10 things we wish we were taught in sex ed.

How African feminism changed the world. Get some feminist mugs.

8 women’s inventions for which men got credit. Amazon.com vs the lesbians.

Is the Catholic church making your medical decisions?

Groom calls in bomb threat on wedding day.anal sex

Yo, I was on Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcast.

Men use tribal law to circumvent OK same-sex marriage ban. Turkey’s first Islamic sex shop opens.

Terrible love lessons we learned from Disney movies.

When anti-choice people choose to have abortions.

Is Miley Cyrus the new Madonna, but more porn-ish?

MRAs, trying to argue that an alleged rape was consensual, hound an unrelated woman off the internet

How long after sex can you take a pregnancy test and get an accurate read?

Ugandan minister says rape is morally superior to homosexuality.

Recapping the march to marriage equality, state-by-state.

Bisexual celebrities. Butch: not like the other girls, a photo gallery.

Awkward facebook breakups. Silly things people say to folks who don’t want to have kids.

H/t to Alex, Melanie, Stripe, Andrew, Eric!

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