Weekend Round Up

Mocking the sexy female Halloween costume trend. Feminist Halloween costumes and what to avoid.

Expert advice for planning a trans wedding. Coming out about attraction to trans women.

Baby born with HIV still shows no sign of  infection. Learn about human migration patterns by following the spread of herpes.hypersexualized racism

Take the Philadelphia street harassment survey.

Art school student plans to lose anal virginity in front of class.

Married Kama Sutra.

Thanks to plastic surgery, 2013 Miss Korea contestants are verging on having the exact same face.

“why I won’t be reclaiming the word slut

Polish Archbishop blames sad kids for priest pedophilia.

ICYMI: I was on Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcast!

Straight males describe the most feminine thing about themselves.

Mom rips off son’s scrotum and superglues it back on. Yep, she’s under arrest.

H/t to Frau, Meg, Karen, Mike, Melanie!

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