Tuesday Wrap Up

Doctors say teens should have more access to condoms.

Gabourey Sidibe fat-shamed online by fans of American Horror Story. Let’s talk about thin privilege.

No, the Japanese haven’t given up on sex. Fornicating while Latina.

One of Slate’s writers responds to Emily Yoffe’s messed up rape prevention advice.

What household items make good sex toys?not a joke

Mamming is adumb meme and does nothing to prevent breast cancer. Cervical cancer vaccine is missing minority women

The law-abiding movement of Saudi women who want the right to drive a car, despite pushback.

Why seeing interracial families on commercials matters.

Heartbreakingly, Robin Thicke really is that gross. Sexualization of talented stars unavoidable?

Representations of bisexuals are getting better on TV. Loki, Thor’s brother, is bisexual.

Biggest sex regrets.

Baltimore man acquitted of 3 sexual assaults on trial for 4th.

Hat tips to Lobstar, Melissa, Erica, Blanca, Melanie, S-Man!

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