Tuesday Wrap Up

Fix your flirting by reading body language.

Philadelphians: vote OUT Judge Deni TODAY!!

People are more beautiful in groups.

Regarding prosthetic vaginas in a lesbian sex scene.

9 things every woman should know about menstruationdemi

Stanford freshmen risk “kissing disease.” Soon one dose will be enough for HPV vaccine.

Should fatherhood and paying child support be a choice? Recently married man realizes marriage isn’t for him. A response: “actually marriage sort of is for me.

Misguided reasons some famous women don’t identify as feminist. Is cattiness about sexual power?

US preemie birth rates fall to 15 year low. Obesity linked to earlier puberty among girls.

My body changed and so did intimacy.”

Protests in Kenya after gang rapists sentenced to cutting grass.

Defense Secretary Hagel blasts 9 states for refusing to give out IDs to same-sex partners of military. Candidate for Governor of Maine announces he’s gay.

Portraits of sleeping parents-to be.

H/t to Leigh, Rachel, Joseph, Justine, Heather, Peter!

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