Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Wrap Up

Victoria’s Secret designs colostomy bags.

My #DTF cohost, Darryl Charles and I do a live show with Sex Nerd Sandra for Nerdist, plus Twanna Hines talks interracial dating.

Swedish Film Institute to rate films based on the Bechdel test.

Sex and synesthesia.anal sex

6 types of sex workers.

Get your tickets now for Trouble Shooting Your Sex Life at Kink Shoppe.

20 week abortion bans are mostly charades.

Why are feminists called man-haters? what if Rand Paul were a hot woman?

13 year old Kansas boy suspended from school for having a purse.

ENDA’s fate looks bleak in the House, as Republicans aren’t too big on equality for LGBT employees.

Reports of sexual assault in military are sharply rising.

Chinese man successfully sues wife over ugly children.  Oh goodie! You can compete alongside 15 year old girls for laser hair removal, teeth whitening and botox at this 5K.

Lululemon found proves to be an absolute asswad, blames women’s bodies for not fitting his clothes.

H/t to Reggie, Erica, Kristen, Sabrina, Clayton!

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