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Tuesday Wrap Up

Are there real racial differences in penis size?

14 year old captures her dad sexually abusing her on webcam. 5 ways sexual assault is about entitlement.

South Korean female soccer player is accused of being male.

Should we mandate protective eye gear in porn? Talking to your kids about porn.

Low sexual desire among men.internet

Exercising while pregnant= smarter babies.

“50 things I’ve been meaning to say about sex.

The neuroscience of why sex feels good.

1 in 3 women has an abortion by age 45– here are some of their stories.

What happens to your sex toys when you die?

Computer programming used to be women’s work. What do witches have to do with women’s health?

Compton’s young female mayor who won in a landslide.

What no one tells you about dramatic weight loss.

ICYMI: Tyson Beckford’s steamy shoot with trans model Ines Rau

Catholic Church cuts funding to YMCA for working with a group that supports LGBT rights.

Slixa: New escort directory is more like a glossy online mag, less like Craigslist. The longform guide to sex work.

H/t to Melanie, Sonalee, JD!

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