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TBT: Interview with Burlesque Queen Ginger Leigh

Ginger Leigh

Hey SWT friends, trying out some new features on the site. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the new Tuesday Wrap Up. Well, here’s another new feature: Throw Back Thursdays, where we check out interviews and columns from years past. Let me know what you think!

Throw Back Thursday! This piece originally ran in May of 2011! Check out Peek a Boo Revue‘s upcoming Holiday Show!

Sex with Timaree has the fantastic luck to interview Ginger Leigh, Burlesque Queen from the Peek-A-Boo-Review in Philadelphia. She talks about the lines between dance, burlesque and stripping, as well as the creative process involved in coming up with a cool new number. Learn a little about the history of the artform, some of the up-and-comers in the game and how you, too, can try your hand at it!

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One thought on “TBT: Interview with Burlesque Queen Ginger Leigh

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