Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Round Up

Being a bully or being bullied are both linked to risky sex for teens.

Germany adopts third gender option for intersex infants.

Female chefs and sexism; is mass media the culprit? History of women in math.

Get your tix for Saturday’s workshop on Troubleshooting Your Sex Life at Kink!

11/12/13 was Thanks, Birth Control day!thnx

How smartphones have changed sex forever.

It was 1977, a young girl named Madonna worked as a nude art model for $10/hour.

Hollaback Philly’s city hall meeting on street harassment was second ever of its kind.

Disturbing google searchers re-imagined by feminists. How feminism hurts men.

How to prep for anal sex. What’s with feds giving unnecessary vaginal and anal searches?

Wentworth Miller is out and proud.

Improv Everywhere recreates When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene.

Sex myths that used to be taught as facts.

Presenter at high school tells students that “dateable girls know how to shut up.”

Scientists, who evidently just were born this week, learn that some women never orgasm from intercourse.

The handy form you can give to the next person who catcalls you.

H/t to Alyssa, Anne!

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