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Tuesday Wrap Up

Health benefits of orgasms.

6 Consequences of Chinese one-child policy reform.

What does “Orgasm Wars” (the show where a gay man must get a straight guy off in 40 minutes) say about Japanese culture?

the importance of font

the importance of font

Ken Starr defends child molester/ family friend. Petition succeeds in removing child-size sex doll from Chinese site. Are 1 in 10 men attracted to children? Google to warn users of search terms that might lead to child porn.

Undercover at a Christian gay-to-straight conversion camp.

The Missed Connection from 1973 that went viral.

Qatar’s proposed new stadium looks like a giant vulva.

Philly: the Diabolique Ball is this SATURDAY!

The challenges of persuading Africa’s prostitutes to use condoms.

How to deal with sexual harassment in the comics industry.

Cheney family feud over marriage equality spills public.

Debunking myths about corsets.

The hottest male celebs, according to straight men. The hottest female celebs, according to straight women.

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