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Lesbian Nightlife: an Interview with Denise Cohen

In August of this year, Sisters Nightclub, the only bar in Philadelphia that catered specifically to lesbians, closed its doors after 17 years. The LGBT community was shocked and many were left heartbrokendenise headshot

But it wasn’t the first lesbian bar in Philly to close, nor will it be the end of girl parties in the city of Brotherly Love. Sisters manager Denise Cohen not only ran the club for its entire tenure, but she also ran its predecessor, Hepburn’s. She’s now moving forward in the scene, starting Groove Philly, an organization that plans to offer a number of parties and networking opportunities for women (and men) of all stripes. Groove Philly’s debut party will be Wednesday- Thanksgiving Eve- at Voyeur.

I sat down with Denise to chat about how the lesbian nightlife scene has evolved along with the gay rights movement. With nearly a quarter century of experience, she’s got more than a few crazy tales of drunken antics to share, including stories of the many celebrity lesbians (celesbians, if you will) who’ve graced her parties.

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