Sex in the news / Sex Links

Wednesday Wrap Up

How do holidays affect porn site traffic? How racism affects online dating habits.

Smarter people do more drugs, have more sex. 16 reasons to have sex daily.

Y chromosomes in reproduction: becoming less and less necessary.ocean

What happens when guys do their girlfriends’ makeup?

Check out the kickstarter for the unnecessary modern revamping of the menstrual belt.

Fox News uses a leg cam to ogle female panelists.

Plan B doesn’t work on women over 176 pounds.

French sex workers protest new regulations that would fine johns.

Whisper: A PostSecret for people who want to cheat. Why you shouldn’t marry for love.

Oh good: stoning adulterers may become legal again in Afghanistan.

Effects of media representation: “How I learned to hate transgender people.”

Can you be an “irresponsible mother” for moving away from your baby daddy?

Sex ‘addiction’ isn’t just a guy thing. How prolactin affects male sexual desire.

Women holding signs quoting the people who sexually assaulted them.

Jeju Loveland: the outdoor sexual sculpture park.

The sexy blue alien that can teach gamers about the experience of being a woman. In its first week, Playstation 4 already used to commit sexual abuse.

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