Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Round Up

I’m not sexist, but… a tumblr devoted to people who are most certainly sexist.

More charges in the Steubenville rape case.

Another awesome thing about Catching Fire: Katniss is taller than Peeta and no one is freaking out. Is Peeta Katniss’s girlfriend?

Gynecologists can now treat men.condom saves life

Will bonobos pick food or porn, if given the option?

Stress is no good for your sex life.

Asking for a raise? If you’re a woman, you’re screwed either way.

What do athlete’s bodies look like? Well, a lot of things.

Brittney Griner’s sweet lesbian tattoo.

An intro to swinging vs polyamory. This beautiful poly wedding will make your day.

Are sex dreams related to your sleep position?

Feminism, according to stock photography.

H/t to Paul, Anne, Jackie, Melanie!

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