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Tuesday Wrap Up

Evan Rachel Wood slams sexist film rating system for cutting cunnilingus scene, leaving murders.

China’s outlet for lust in a country of lonely men.

10 amazing sex products available on Amazon. The worst sex writing of the year.

6 toxic relationship habits and how to break them.

Diver Tom Daley comes out as bi, Actress Maria Bello comes out as “whatever”
hobby lobby

Is bareback anal sex ever OK?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to pay for contraceptives on the basis that they are Christian, ignoring the fact their products are almost all made in China where women are forced to abort pregnancies.

Wisconsin authorities try (and fail) to curb sex at nude beach.

The first legal same-sex weddings take place in Hawaii. Croatia outlaws same-sex marriage.

How can men be allies to women at parties? 6 ways to protect your children from sexual abuse.

Child taken away by social services while still in utero.

The role of oxytocin in monogamy.

UK couple refuses to let same-sex couple share room at their B&B, lose Supreme Court appeal.

The sexual politics of hermaphroditic roundworms. Sexual frustration makes flies die earlier.

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