Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Round Up

Top 10 movie oral sex scenes.

How does your state do on a national ranking of penis size? CA is disappointing.

The vigilante who hunted sex offenders.lesbian proposal

Catholic hospital rules lead to negligent care. Question to Planned Parenthood: why isn’t my birth control covered by insurance? Cartoon ode to the copper IUD.

French study finds bras don’t work. Did Microsoft invent one of the most sexist contraptions ever?

A radioactive smart bomb to rid patients of HIV?

Who will be crowned Transman 2013?

ICYMI: vaginal knitting.

Sexy advertisements turn women off… unless it’s for a luxury product.

Are humans descended from primates that mated with a pig?

12 things that are guaranteed to annoy bisexual people. Twitter debunks myths about bisexuals.

Brilliant satire: Girl contracts salmonella, town rallies behind tainted bag of spinach.

The biggest contributors to the HRC? Drone manufacturers.

Rape insurance bill’ blasted as “misogynistic.” Indian twitter users take down idea that “men are under siege” after new anti-rape legislation.

Extraverted children more swayed by environmental cues.

H/t to Gwen, Anne, Lauren, Shy, Micah, Megan, Awakened!

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