Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Round Up

Another porn performer tests positive for HIV in LA.

Masturbation can prevent diseases?

Mary Barra named first woman to head US automaker. Iconic feminist moments of 2013.

French breast implant maker jailed for sub-standard products.velociraptor expectations

Lululemon founder steps down after sexist remarks.

Looking for a non-judgmental health care provider? Non-surgical solution for penises with Peyronie’s disease.

Male contraceptive pill that acts as temporary vasectomy?

How many men are still in the closet in America? “Why I never want to be like straight people.”

How virginity pledges can lead to unhappy marriages. Men and women experience marital dissatisfaction differently.

How to be a gentleman in 2014.

UN video that shames nations who deny rights to LGBT people.

After less than a week, Australia overturns marriage equality

Amazing advice column to a woman who can’t handle her sensitive, loving boyfriend.

That misogynistic “rape insurance” bill passed in Michigan. The military might change the way it does sexual assault hearings.

History of sexist video game marketing.

H/t to Melanie, Rudy, Anne, Darryl, Megan, Sabrina!

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