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Tuesday Wrap Up

To all the women who choose not to have kids. Black teen pregnancy rate drops 51 over 2 decades% Get the history of abortion and contraception right.

Making long distance relationships work.

The Artificial Hymen Kit is exactly what it sounds

Research: It pays to be pretty, starting in high school.

#NotYourAsianSidekick trends- talking about patriarchy in Asian American culture and white supremacy.

Tax evasion charges for German couple and their sex parties.

Rare 40 year old “stone fetus” found in elderly woman. Spermbots are coming!

The real reason strippers hate their jobs. Why is Xmas the busiest time for brothels?

Naked pics leak of yet another Disney star.

Exercise can combat libido dampening causes by antidepressants.

Women who sold their daughters into sex slavery.

The problem with Masters of Sex.

Federal judge rules Utah anti-polygamy law unconstitutional. The dubious arguments for India’s ban on homosexuality; protesters fight back. Pastor suspended for performing gay son’s wedding.

H/t to Rachel, Melanie, Darryl, Anne, Peter!

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