Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Round Up

A comic that debunks myths about asexuals.

Why is red hair sexy on women and reviled on men? Are all-girl schools more likely to create feminists or mean girls?

Map of the weirdest sex laws in the US. Sexting in French.lesdisney

A list of movies about queer women with a happy ending. Geena Davis’ 2 simple suggestions for reducing sexism in Hollywood.

Gender inequality in the film industry. Things media called “the war on men” in 2013. Most sexist female TV characters.

1 in 200 surveyed pregnant women claimed a virgin birth. Yeah, purity culture is awesome.

Queer Christ: a primer on LGBT theology. New Mexico legalizes marriage equality.

Xray photos of couples are beautiful, haunting.

Do stay-at-home parents need a post-nup? In relationships: would you rather be happy or right?

Some ADHD meds cause dangerously prolonged erections.

What does Neanderthal incest have to do with modern humans?

Topless Jihadis: inside the world’s most radical feminist movment.

Why we shouldn’t forget the sex charges against R Kelly. What R Kelly can teach us about how sexual predators operate. No, it’s not ok to “steal kisses” and here’s why.

H/t to Melissa, Chelsea, Paul, Alison, Erica, Melanie!

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