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TBT: Spend Your Christmas Money on Sex Toys!

Happy holidays, friends. Today’s Throw Back Thursday post originally ran in December of 2012. 
A couple weeks ago, Brooklyn of the famous South Philadelphia Sexploratorium gave me an epic tour of the latest and greatest in sex toys. We checked out some great stuff, including vibrators for men (what?), sex furniture, the latest in internal vibrators and a review of the best brands of lube for your needs. And in true Brooklyn/Sexploratorium fashion, it’s a truly intelligent, inclusive, sex-positive survey.Liberator Esse Night Rider Banner

The idea was we’d give you some awesome last minute shopping ideas. And if you’re subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, you got the episode in time for that purpose. Over here, we’re posting the episode in time so that you can go wisely spend that Christmas money burning a hole in your pockets.


Listen to the episode here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the podcasts even sooner.

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