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Weekend Round Up

Gynecology’s gender question. Gender-neutral pronoun gains traction in China.

Sex-related injuries land people in the ER twice a week at most hospitals; what is problematic about a TV about this

How NOT to have sex like a pornstar.

Overturning the myth of Valley Girl speak. Sex of a speaker affects listener processing of gendered words.

Romantic function of kissing.kinky interesting man

How dopamine explains gender differences in psychiatric disorders.

Marriage equality coming to Rhode Island? Alabama town outraged after accidentally hiring gay cheerleading squad.

“The romantic comedy isn’t dead.” Can straight men and women just be friends?

Shut the hell up about my open relationship.

2013: the year in sexism. 2013 films that pass the Bechdel. Can women break the gender barrier in marine infantry training?

How to make yoga a part of your sex life.

Transgender communities around the world. 10 amazing trans and genderqueer porn stars you should know about.

Teledildonics and the future of high tech sex toys.

H/t to Melanie, Vanessa, Justine, Ashtad, Sam, Joe!

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