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Tuesday Wrap Up

Happy New Years, kittens!

Porn filters blocking domestic abuse support websites.

The year in sex (or: pop goes the weasel). 20 of the biggest allies for the LGBT cause in 2013.

China effectively ends one-child policy. “Why I left my children.”  Why men are fearful of taking paternity leave. In the future, we may have sex only for fun, not to procreate.

10 foods for better

Some of the badass women of 2013. Jessica Valenti’s favorite feminist articles of 2013.

Gender and the body language of power.

Husband wants wife off life support, but her family wants her kept alive to complete 18 week pregnancy.

The enemy of LGBT rights: folks terrified of being outed. 20 years have passed since the murder of Brandon Teena. Biggest trans* moments in 2013.

Victoria’s Secret model on the benefits of being attractive.

Relationship resolutions worth keeping.

Men reveal the “girly” things they wish they could do more freely.

Major foul ups for rape survivors at UK investigative center.

Same-sex couples shatter marriage records in Utah.

Boy Scouts to open enrollment to gay scouts in the new year, ban on gay leaders remains.

Reports of military sexual assaults up 50%- which means more survivors are trusting the system enough to report.

Notorious teacher sex scandals of 2013.

H/t to Melanie, Unslut Project, Peter, Ryan!
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