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TBT: Moira Johnston Wants You To Be Topless

Greetings, kittens! It’s Throw Back Thursday. Since it’s a spankin new year, let’s review one of 2013’s biggest interviews. This originally was posted in July of 2013. For more (and uncensored photos), check out Moira’s website

It has been legal in New York state for women to be topless for two decades, but it wasn’t until recently that police were actually informed, “No, for realsies. You can’t arrest them just for that.”

In Pennsylvania, the law is more conservative. Women have to have their nipples covered (who KNOWS what they look like and what kind of damage they’d do?) but they don’t have to wear a shirt. Yet very few women exercise the right to doff their top when it gets oppressively hot, possibly unaware that it’s legal to do so.

Moira Johnston knows the deal though. She’s a Philly-area Topless Rights Activist and she’s trying to spread the word to women (and men) that toplessness is not inherently sexual, it’s actually just really comfortable.moira johnston

Check out our awesome interview where we discuss her activism, varying laws, the myriad reasons why women might not take off their shirts even when legally allowed and what kind of reaction you’d get hanging out in Rittenhouse wearing pasties.

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6 thoughts on “TBT: Moira Johnston Wants You To Be Topless

  1. Moira speaks about her ideas in the documentary TOPLESS SHOCK SYNDROME — the link for the trailer is on — strangely, there has not been that much interest in this subject… till the past few years —

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