Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Round Up

Can you regrow your foreskin? Decapitated sex toys prompt police inquiry.

Movies with strong female roles make more money. Are the Weasley family (in Harry Potter) feminists? Thoughts on women and the Wolf of Wall Street.oswolf

Best crossdressing performance, best couple, best use of porn and others from 2013 films.

South Korean military cadets can be booted for sex- even while on leave.

Sex ed that experts wish they had learned sooner. Teens and their doctors are not talking about sex.

Data suggests  men are more stuck in gender roles.

Rose Parade sees first same-sex wedding.

Which couples top the sex tape wishlist for 2014?

Gender-flipping the engagement photo clichés.

The man with two penises did a Reddit AMA. Chris Kluwe claims he was cut from the Vikings for his outspoken views on marriage equality.

Relapse of ‘cured’ HIV patient spurs more research.

50 Shades of Grey erases the important parts of BDSM.

H/t to Melanie, Darryl, Micah!

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