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Tuesday Sex News Wrap Up

The scarcity of affection among men. 40 years since women were allowed to have credit cards in her name.

Have you gotten tickets to Fitness, Body Love and Sexercise, my upcoming workshop?

Unexpectedly perverted tourist destinations.feminized jobs

What is NJ doing at sex trafficking at the Super Bowl?

Downton Abbey IRL: Lady Mary would have been tied to the bed.

“I have a dream…” that people will be able to see good fathers and not freak out. Fathers with masculine faces have less attractive daughters.

Be a safer sex superhero.

Trans Clothes Swap: a place for people of all genders to donate & get clothes

What’s missing from the movie Her? Any real womenMovies that pass the Bechdel did better at the box office.

What’s up with King Tut’s mummified erect penis?

How to test your sexual compatibility before you get it on.

Does CEO hotness affect stock price?

H/ to S-Man, Micah, Randi, Anne, Melanie!

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