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Weekend Sex News Round Up

So you wanna be a phone sex operator?

Have you gotten tickets to Fitness, Body Love and Sexercise, my upcoming workshop?

Are illegal ass implants America’s next health epidemic?hand sanitizer

Survey results: how people in Muslim countries think women should dress.

Philadelphia’s new policy on transgender interactions. I wrote an article for my hometown paper about transgender high school students.

Facebook’s hypocritical war on nipples.

$42k paid for 1 hour adult webcam session

Curves and tattoos: plus sized models with body art.

Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox stay poised and flawless during Couric interview on trans issues.

Creating a fake dating profile for the worst person ever will still get you messages, as long as your pics are hot.

New mom shares photos of the messy, amazing reality of natural childbirth.

Male economists see pay bump when married, for females it’s the opposite. The easiest way to get more female speakers at conferences? Put a woman on the planning committee. SNL hired two black female writers.

H/t to Pamela, Sonalee!

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