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Flawed Characters and Hot Sex

Rebecca Rogers Maher writes contemporary romance novels about real women.” This is an understatement.


Rebecca writes about deeply flawed, realistic characters and identifiable but taboo situations that culminate in crazy, passionate sex. We talk about the continued success of the romance novel, what the genre says about real life men and women, her new book, The Bridge, and how to write a sexy fucking scene.

In fact, (for the first time ever -gasp!) Rebecca reads a saucy excerpt of one of her steamy stories.

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One thought on “Flawed Characters and Hot Sex

  1. Great podcast with the romance writer. I, a mostly hetero male (a 1 to 2 on Kinsey) in a long term monogamist relationship, read erotic romance a lot. I much prefer women writers because it helps me get into the minds of women. Which in turn helps me think of new ways to please my wife and lover (both the same person).

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