Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Sex News Round Up

Are booth babes bad for business?

Death by cunnilingus plan backfires.useful children book

The complicated interaction of sex and fitness, check out my workshop THIS SUNDAY!

Penis size politics in the gay community. Meet the gay black fathers who outraged Twitter.

Sex can make you smarter, but you have to keep at it.

American Apparel mannequins are sporting full bushes.

One less thing to worry about: Swiss Cheese Man apprehended.

New drug treatment for herpes.

Hear me chat about myths about sex and public health on Action Phase podcast.

“Why plural marriages make sense.”

Advice to Matthew McConaghey and Jared Leto, for possible Oscar acceptance speeches that really matter.

How do we fight back against stereotyping and sexualizing of girls? Vintage ads selling women on shame.

Do abortion clinic buffer zones curtail free speech or protect public safety?

VA lawmaker argues it’s not rape if she’s wearing a nightie.

H/t to Erica, Jill, Darryl, Anne, Peter!

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