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Tuesday Sex News Wrap Up

What happens after friends-with-benefits ends?

10 things porn gets wrong about men. Hilariously predictable porn patterns from around the globe.

Montage of actors who have gone full frontal.sexist question

Women’s rights top agenda as Egypt drafts new constitution.

What same-sex couples need to know about taxes.

HIV positive student films unprotected sex with 31 partners.

What the hell is going on with sexual assault in Missoula, Montana?

Penis pumps cost the government millions.

Amazing women you’ve possibly never heard of.

Putin says gays are free to come to Russia during Olympics, just don’t be a pedophile while you’re here.

What happens at a BDSM munch?

E-Harmony gives terrible dating advice to women. Redditor dude couldn’t last 2 hours as a female on OKCupid.

H/t to Zlana, Melissa, Alexandria, Zach, Heather, Anne, Darryl!

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