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A Visit to the National Sex Ed Conference

The magnificent Melissa Fabello and I went on a magical adventure to…. try to keep it together despite your jealousy… East Rutherford, NJ. We were there to present at the National Sex Ed Conference on how sex educators can more effectively use social media.  It was exciting, for reasons beyond the fact it’s impossible to turn left in New Jersey.

Condom Couture

Condom Couture

Because I love you and missed you, I recorded some highlights of the conference, including interviews with cool presenters. I’m not gonna front: I geeked out like whoa when I got to talk to Ducky DooLittle, and fell madly in love with Karen BK Chan. Plus, there was this rad condom dress.

Listen to it here or on iTunesPodbay, or Feedburner, where you can subscribe and get all the episodes even sooner!

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3 thoughts on “A Visit to the National Sex Ed Conference

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