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Weekend Sex Links Round Up

Bad weather? Blame the gays.

Wednesday marked the 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade. Abortion and the bloodiness of being female.

The machine that transports people to a different body or gender.abortion economics

Hookup culture isn’t real but kids feel left out of it because of all the news stories about it.

VA Attorney General will not defend state’s ban on same-sex marriage against court challenges. Indiana already banned marriage equality, why are they scrambling to do it again?

If you don’t want to, say no: a porn star’s guide to sex. Revenge porn magnate arrested.

Philadelphia baby born on a sled in the midst of Artic Vortex.

Why does addressing single parenthood matter?

Indian village elders punish girl for dating outside of community by having her gang raped.

High school school goes viral fighting back against principal’s double standards on modesty.

Tennis player Eugenie Buchard makes it to Aussie Open semis despite all odds, gets asked stupid sexist question.

H/t to Erica, Zach, Anne, Thain, Melanie, Crystal!

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