Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex News Wrap Up

Purity culture and Christian feminism.

The shockingly low pay of professional cheerleaders.

Nonsexual ways to be intimate with someone.

People’s history of LGBTI Olympians. Sochi mayor claims the city has no gay people.

Marlise Munoz finally removed from life support after nation-wide controversy about her pregnancy. Meet the lawmakers who made 2013 a terrible year for women’s health.

Time to ask the Republicans: how much sex is too much for a woman to have? How many people HAVEN’T had sex in the last month? The big screen taboo of people who don’t have sex.

Pair arrested in Dubai for consensual sex. States that still allow rapists parental rights.


The gender pay gap is shrinking among union jobs.

Creative resistance to objectifying advertising.

Beyonce and Jay Z make the case for marriage.

Does pubic hair have to be a hotbutton issue?

4 movies about Muslim LGBT people that you should watch.

When sex and disabilities collide.

Male victims of sexual assault more likely to report than women.

H/t to Sonalee, Melanie!

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