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#TBT Under the Skin: Define Gender if You Can

Greetings, kitten. Today is Throwback Thursday where we check out a post from back in the day. This piece originally ran in September of 2012. 

“Being a transgender woman in Denmark. Being a woman in Denmark. Simply being. ”

Three women are interviewed about their lives in Denmark. All were born with male parts.

There’s Betina who has faced a purely uphill battle trying to receive medical services to help her transition. All the resources she found as a young person wanted to label her a fetishist with a mental illness. She just wanted her outside to match her identity.

There’s Samantha, born in Seattle, whose conflict with her gender led to her to years of deep depression and relationship problems. Upon realizing the issue was related to gender, she began a transition that has been largely respected by her  friends and family. She has discovered a peace and happiness she previously assumed would have been fantasy.

And Victoria, the army vet who is fighting for custody of her daughter, who knew very early on that she was a girl but has only now come to find a place of her own.

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