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Weekend Sex Link Round Up

What advice do sex therapists tell their friends?

The truth about rebound sex.

Make your VDay plans now: DTF, the BYOB comedy/sex/game show.

How movies make us used to seeing women as a numerical minority. No strides made on female representation on broadcast Sunday shows.

Prison rape is on the rise, convictions for it are not, 50% of accused are employees.

Is the pull out method really wise?sexy time

Women in the Pakistani version of Green Berets. The issue of women in physics is not a ‘women’s issue’

Is cuckolding the fetish of intellectuals?

Burlesque dancer has to quit performing if she wants to keep custody of her kids.

How does DOMA affect astronomers?

More men getting Brazilian waxes.

Alabama personhood law would allow doctors to refuse to treat a woman if it means risking her pregnancy.

How NOT to cover the Sochi Olympics. Kyrgyzstan police abuse, extort gay and bi men.

From Microsoft to titan of sex toys in India. Female politician blames women for rapes in India.

Are Neanderthals the reason for redheads?

To no one’s surprise, Summer’s Eve makes a super anti-woman ad.
H/t to Erica, Anne, Zach, Heather, Crystal, Melanie, Reggie, John!

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