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Tuesday Sex News Wrap Up

Does a more equal relationship mean less sex? It’s not the equality that’s the problem.

Critical theory valentines to rock your world. Are these vintage valentines the creepiest things ever?

Photo essay: being gay in Russia.

Don’t apologize for loud of thrones

Jared Leto’s heckler has a point about trans representations in film.

Inside the Air Sex world championships. Michael Sam, who might be first openly gay NFL player, is the future of football.

Living myths about virginity. Using facebook to predict when you should get married.

Make your Vday plans now: DTF is the best BYOB sex ed/comedy/game show ever.

Black LGBT icons you need to know.

Lean In and Getty join forces to improve portrayals of women in stock photos.

5 ways women are punished for sexuality.

Accidental Olympic striptease. Why do the Winter Olympics freeze women out?

Myths and facts about conceiving.

On Trekkie costumes, military rank and sexism.

Justice department expands rights for same-sex couples.

H/t to Kitty, Damon, Melanie!

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