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Teaching Art to Transform the Lives of Sex Workers in the Dominican Republic

Hey! It’s Throwback Thursday! We’re checking out an episode of the podcast from back in the day. This one originally went up in July of 2011. 

Previously on Sex With Timaree podcasts we’ve spoken to people who worked or had worked in the sex industry, in various capacities. These guests got into the business, did generally well and were able to extricate themselves from the work when they wished to pursue other avenues. But what about those who cannot?

drIn the Dominican Republic prostitution is not illegal, which means that many young women enter the world of sex work because it is a viable job opportunity in a poor nation. Compared to the other jobs around, it pays decently. But it can become a trap and some women find themselves wanting to leave, but without any viable options that will support their families as well.

Enter our guest Kari Reed, a graduate student in Transformative Arts and Urban Studies, volunteering for the organization Build a Bridge International, which uses art to better the world. She traveled to the Dominican Republic to set up a course where local sex workers could be taught one of the most practical and lucrative of skills for a tourist destination: jewelry making. Kari learned a great deal about the lives of the women with whom she worked and has some amazingly inspiring stories to tell about the project.

Listen to the awesome interview here or here. Or check it out on iTunes, where you can subscribe to hear all the Sex with Timaree podcasts even sooner!

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