Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Sex Link Round Up

Good reasons to never stop having sex.

TONIGHT: DTF is the best BYOB sex ed/comedy/game show ever!

valentimsFuturistic oral sex vibrator.

Photos from the largest LGBT pride parade in Mumbai history. VA judge rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Women want sex and that’s what’s up.

Meta analysis finds kids don’t do any better in single-gender classroom.

Trans comedian livetweets being detained at Toronto airport.

Should your kid get the HPV vaccine?

New gender options for facebook.

10 things transmen want you to know. Answers to every question you have about my queer polyamorous relationship.

Sex boycott against those who voted for sexist Japanese politicians.

Iran’s soccer players face random gender tests.

There’s an Oppression of Women Historical Museum and its all online.

Equality isn’t the problem in sexless marriages. Everything you wanted to know about housework and sex but were too tired to ask.

H/t to Griff, Amie, Ericka, Todd!

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