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Tuesday Sex Link Wrap Up

New Kansas law to usher in anti-gay segregation. What the hell happened? SPLC challenges Alabama ban on marriage equality. Washington State will auto-marry same-sex domestic partners.

Yoni Mandala: this is amazing.

The robot that makes virtual sex feel better.

Photos of one person as two genders.

Same-sex couples around the worldImages from 2013 Soweto PrideTold ya! Ellen Page comes out.

Florida teen jailed for sex with her underage girlfriend.ahs

Some countries use Facebook as a dating service. Data visualization of relationship status and Facebook posts. My piece for Geekadelphia about Facebook’s 58 new gender options.

History of marketing romance and chocolate together.

Why has there never been a TED talk on abortion?

“How I learned to feel undesirable.” It’s ok to be single.

Beautiful LGBT love letters from history. Voltaire in love.

Doctor who claimed to see “weekly” abortion injuries may have just made it all up.

Woman looks through boyfriend’s phone, finds video of him doing her dog.

H/t to Sonalee, Alex!

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