Sex in the news / Sex Links

Weekend Sex News Round Up

Is kissing more important than sex in long-term relationship success? 30 ways to be a more compassionate spouse. How to choose a mate.

Drawing dicks on the Herald Sun. Graphic: comparing pop music sex references by year

Idaho’s anti-gay segregation law is worse than Kansas’s. Kansas parents take huge step backwards on sex ed.

Olympic figure skating’s unhealthy obsession with little girls. Your image of the strongest man is probably wrong.


Wearing white women as scarves project.

First Black female named head of Harvard Lampoon the week her best friend dies.

What facebook sees after your breakup.

Is it hard for women to be honest about sex?

Woman wins right to masturbate at work. Man ‘forgets’ how to have sex after botched surgery.

H/t to Dani, Cassie, Melanie!

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