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Weekend Sex News Round Up

Political figures in drag. Groin gazing.

The psychology of trust.  Are ugly people oppressed?

Arizona lawmakers change minds about LGBT segregation bill when they realize it’s gonna mess with their money. Proposed Iowa law would allow women to sue doctors over “abortion regret.”

How modern socialization teaches men to hate women. How to deal with a fake feminist.

Why are legislators scared of sex week on campus?

pedawWhy did the CDC stop calling sex without a condom “unprotected sex?” Does the NuvaRing have fatal consequences? 7 most common lies about abortion.

How to keep a mistress & should you call a group of women “guys?”

Why are there no women in movies?

The questions always asked of trans people.  100 Black LGBT women you need to know.

This guy spent a year interviewing couples, what relationship advice does he have?

Map: where is rape most common in the US?

Infographic: abortion on film and TV. Olivia Wilde blasts the TV/film gender double standard.

Tumblr of the week: Plus is a Passion.

Perez Hilton is not your sassy gay friend or mine. New York pastor says “white homos” are preying on black men.

H/t to Christina, Dave, Megan, Sabrina!

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