Tuesday Sex News Wrap Up

The infographic on privilege that you NEED to see.

Female masturbation comes into its own in pop music.

Is there a Marilyn Monroe-JFK sex tape?

cause only female nipples are obscene

cause only female nipples are obscene

Learning sexual terms in sign language

Soviet-era sex education. New UK ed guidelines include info on sexting, porn.

Disney stops funding Boy Scouts over gay ban.

Courts starting to treat trafficked children as victims and not criminals.

Transwomen in Paris in 50s and 60s.

Good sex life can help you deal with age and illness. How to have a great sex life in an egalitarian relationship.

Doxxing as punishment for outspoken feminism.  Lean In’s new feminist stock photography.

Antigay laws gaining international traction.

Men’s Rights Activists trying to redefine the meaning of rape.  New data on prevalence of rape in prison. Republican lawmaker says men should be able to rape women if abortion is legal.

How to write about female politicians without being sexist.

Hat tips to Tobias, Pussy Division!

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