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Weekend Sex News Round Up

Injectable drug may protect against HIV for months. The origins of HIV. Second newborn ‘cured’ of HIV.

What conservatives and liberals get wrong about sexuality being a social construct.

Transgender in Mongolia.

Support for marriage equality reaches new high of 59%. Former Miss America contestant reveals she’s queer.

adultery needs more sandwiches

adultery needs more sandwiches

The value of dating selectively.

The new Barbie with the proportions of a real teenager. Kim Novak and why it sucks to be a sexy actress who is human.

Duke porn star reveals name and face.

How mothers talking about their weight affects daughter’s extreme weight control behaviors.

Men’s sexual aggressiveness in bars related to women’s drunkenness. Army’s top sexual assault lawyer accused of sexual assault…at a legal conference on sexual assault. Senate has failed military assault victims by blocking bill that would remove sex prosecutions from the chain of command.

Microsoft thinks women use computers for weddings and babies. Reluctant Father admits he didn’t love his baby at first.

The shamelessness of anti-gay researcher Mark Regnerus. This week in hypocrites: anti-porn UK leader busted for child porn.

Emergency Contraceptive now available in generic over the counter.

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