Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex News Wrap Up

Rebound relationships might actually be good for you. “Why I’ve given up on hooking up

Transgender Crossfitter made to compete under birth gender.

Comedy show kicks off performer because there were already too many women

Phone app that teaches oral sex skills.

abortion providersHere’s what happens when you ask adults to label reproductive anatomy.

Putin butt plugs are now a thing.

DTF is THIS FRIDAY! Come be a part of Philly’s greatest BYOB sex news/comedy/game show!

Join me at the Feminist Porn Conference!

Fetish wear from the 1920s!

#LiesToldByFemales trends, shows double standards.

Does selling condoms to women require removing the sex from the marketing?

Hat tips to Cassie, Melanie, Zhana

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