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Friday Sex News Round Up

Judges’ perceptions of how victims ‘should act’ affects sentencing in sex assaults.

Kinky Stanford students attempt to start campus support group, get turned down. Sex, kink and cerebral palsy.

Get tickets now to my Intro to Burlesque workshop.

Which animal species have the worst sex?

Denial in action, aka how victim-blaming works: Jerry Sandusky’s wife claims the victims lied, were paid off.

lady gaga aging backwardsIt’s the second Friday of the month: get your ass to DTF tonight!

Living together before marriage DOESN’T increase odds of divorce after all.

Demonizing sex, then trying to get laid: hooking up at CPAC. Discrepancy between desire and frequency in marriage linked to bad outcomes, y’all.

High school dances on the decline?

8 facts about the US sex economy.

Buy a Cats Against Cat Calls shirt to support Hollaback!

Michelle Bachman says gays bully America. Excuse me while I laugh until I cry.

Slut shaming inspired a study on birth control.

Michigan’s new “rape insurance” law takes effect.

The rise of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea seems imminent.

Study finds no medical reason for trans ban in military.

How one becomes male or female: pathways to sex.

The south watches the most gay porn in the US.

Sex workers need rights, not saving.

Hat tips to Ila, Anne, Melanie, Jackie, Jillien, Crystal, Tess and Zhana!

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